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  • COVID-19 Online Course

    $ 0.00

    With Contributes from an International Panel of Medical Experts 

    This course provides you with practical preparation on how to recognize, stabilize, diagnose and treat patients infected with SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19), through six interactive virtual patient scenarios.

    It is a free of charge self-paced learning experience, proudly offered by Body Interact to everyone involved in the pandemic fight.

    Suitable for Healthcare Professionals and Students

  • Foundations of Clinical Reasoning

    $ 60.00

    By Omnes Education

    This course presents learners with a unique opportunity to practice their clinical reasoning and decision-making skills, through 5 clinical cases with virtual patient, which are followed by in-depth explanatory videos.

    Suitable for Medical and Nursing Students

  • Critical Decisions in Cardiology

    $ 250.00

    By American College of Cardiology

    The American College of Cardiology Simulation Work Group, provided the content for this immersive online course in cardiovascular disease, that focuses on improving clinical problem-solving skills through virtual patient cases. Use these guideline based scenarios to improve your patient care.

    Suitable for Residents and Professionals

  • Masterclass in Cardiovascular Emergencies

    $ 900.00

    By Lisbon School of Medicine

    2 ECTS

    An online masterclass in cardiovascular emergencies that recreates acute care situations, to enhance the development of critical thinking and decision-making skills.

    Suitable for Students and Professionals

  • COVID-19 Vaccination Course

    $ 0.00

    By Portuguese Red Cross and International Red Cross

    This course prepares you to recognize the different types of internationally approved COVID-19 vaccines, to be prepared to manage possible complications and know how to act, stabilize, diagnose and treat patients with these complications.

    Suitable for Nurses and other Healthcare Professionals