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  • COVID-19 Online Course


    With Contributes from an International Panel of Medical Experts 

    This course provides you with practical preparation on how to recognize, stabilize, diagnose and treat patients infected with SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19), through six interactive virtual patient scenarios.

    It is a free of charge self-paced learning experience, proudly offered by Body Interact to everyone involved in the pandemic fight.

    Suitable for Healthcare Professionals and Students

  • Foundations of Clinical Reasoning


    By Omnes Education

    This course presents learners with a unique opportunity to practice their clinical reasoning and decision-making skills, through 5 clinical cases with virtual patient, which are followed by in-depth explanatory videos.

    Suitable for Medical and Nursing Students

  • Critical Decisions in Cardiology


    By American College of Cardiology

    The American College of Cardiology Simulation Work Group, provided the content for this immersive online course in cardiovascular disease, that focuses on improving clinical problem-solving skills through virtual patient cases. Use these guideline based scenarios to improve your patient care.

    Suitable for Residents and Professionals

  • Masterclass in Cardiovascular Emergencies


    By Lisbon School of Medicine

    2 ECTS

    An online masterclass in cardiovascular emergencies that recreates acute care situations, to enhance the development of critical thinking and decision-making skills.

    Suitable for Students and Professionals