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Clinical Learning Journey

Critical thinking with virtual patient simulation

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Clinical Learning Journey

The Clinical Learning Journey gives medical students a chance to daily practice with virtual patients to improve clinical reasoning and critical thinking skills.

Continuous progress tracking with personalized feedback

Be exposed to unlimited virtual patients across 10+ medical areas to practice your skills in diagnosis, management, and treatment.
Choose which medical area you want to work on according to your level of knowledge.

Available in English, French, Japanese, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish, Russian and Turkish.

Choose a plan and start your practice

1-month planOption 1


per month
  • Infinite number of patients
  • +10 medical areas
  • 3 levels of difficulty
  • 3 attempts per patient

3-month planOption 2


per trimester
  • Infinite number of patients
  • +10 medical areas
  • 3 levels of difficulty
  • 3 attempts per patient

About the Clinical Learning Journey

Who is it recommended for?

Recommended for medical students in clinical years and recent graduates.

Medical specialties covered

Practice in your favorite medical area: Cardiology, Endocrinology, Gastrointestinal, Infectious diseases, Mental health, Nephrology/Urology, Neurology, Oncology, Respiratory, Toxicology, Trauma, Urology, Vascular surgery.

Adapted to your level of knowledge

Choose the level of difficulty at which you want to work, depending on your knowledge. Cases range from basic to advanced, increasing the complexity of clinical conditions and the need to intervene quickly.

Repeat cases up to 3 times

For each scenario, you have up to 3 attempts to solve it successfully, but you don’t have to solve them all in a row. You can keep 3 clinical cases on “stand-by” to solve later

Constructive feedback and progress tracking

After each scenario, the Feedback part is where the learning actually happens. Explore detailed reports to reflect on your performance and understand what you did correctly or what was missing.

Need a hint?

Take advantage of the Hint system on the Feedback area to receive up to 3 tips of actions you have missed during the simulation.

Body Interact is ready for multiple devices

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If you are not familiar with using Body Interact, visit our Help Center for FAQs and tutorial videos

Why medical students love the Clinical Learning Journey

"Body Interact makes you think outside the box and not focus just on one thing. It’s great to have feedback on your performance in treating each case and the key points to improve your response to each patient.”

Julianne5th-year Medical Student

"Having a new case every day really feels like you are completing a challenge. The analysis of the competencies allows the user to concentrate on their weak areas and I found the descriptions of the learning objectives of each case to be very helpful."

Kevin6th-year Medical Student

"It’s amazing the way that the clinical cases are built, and how well the patients responded to our different actions, which make it seem so close to reality!"

Beatriz6th-year Medical Student

"The Learning Journey gave me a chance to learn to solve cases according to the level of difficulty I had at that time. We start with the easiest ones and from there we climb to the most difficult ones. I think that it’s important because many times we students prepare for the most difficult scenarios, but we don't usually know how to solve the easiest ones."

María6th-year Medical Student

"I like that there are different clinical scenarios and that I am able to see my progress and get feedback about what I was doing well or still need to do better."

Richard3rd-year Medical Student

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