Self-Learning with Virtual Patients

Immersive training and clinical learning experiences

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  • Foundations of Clinical Reasoning

    $ 60,00

    By Omnes Education

    This course presents learners with a unique opportunity to practice their clinical reasoning and decision-making skills, through 5 clinical cases with virtual patient, which are followed by in-depth explanatory videos.

    Suitable for Medical and Nursing Students

  • COVID-19 Online Course

    $ 0,00

    With Contributes from an International Panel of Medical Experts 

    This course provides you with practical preparation on how to recognize, stabilize, diagnose and treat patients infected with SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19), through six interactive virtual patient scenarios.

    It is a free of charge self-paced learning experience, proudly offered by Body Interact to everyone involved in the pandemic fight.

    Suitable for Healthcare Professionals and Students

  • Critical Decisions in Cardiology

    $ 250,00

    By American College of Cardiology

    The American College of Cardiology Simulation Work Group, provided the content for this immersive online course in cardiovascular disease, that focuses on improving clinical problem-solving skills through virtual patient cases. Use these guideline based scenarios to improve your patient care.

    Suitable for Residents and Professionals

  • Protected: Critical Decisions in Trauma

    $ 300,00

    There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

  • Masterclass in Cardiovascular Emergencies

    $ 900,00

    By Lisbon School of Medicine

    2 ECTS

    An online masterclass in cardiovascular emergencies that recreates acute care situations, to enhance the development of critical thinking and decision-making skills.

    Suitable for Students and Professionals

Learning Journey

Clinical Learning Journey

Get ready for clinical rotations with virtual patients

The Clinical Learning Journey presents you with the challenge and opportunity to dedicate time of your weekly study routine to gain skills and confidence through interacting with virtual patient scenarios.

This ongoing immersive learning experience is in line with your classroom learning, and ensures that you are prepared to manage real life situations.

Suitable for Pre Graduate Students and Residents

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Why people love Body Interact

"If you don’t apply your knowledge such as through a program like Body Interact, then it’s hard to truly understand how well you know what you know. And also figuring out what you don’t know so you can go back and re-learn it."

Ton La JrMedical Student

"We aren't used to making real life decisions like choosing a treatment. We only suppose what should be the right one, and Body Interact allows us to see in real time how our choices will influence the patient's life."

MariaMedical Student

"I highly recommend Body Interact to any student who is looking for a solution to distance learning. This is a phenomenal opportunity during these times where we don’t know when medical students can go back to the clinic to see patients."

Ton La JrMedical Student

"This is a didactic tool very adjusted to the demand of the times, and contains fundamental information for all medical students. It really helps me to exercise critical thinking."

CarolineMedical Student

"This simulator is extremely useful to put in practice all the theoretical knowledge while making clinical decisions."

JuanNursing Student

"Body Interact stimulates our clinical reasoning and at the same time allows us to consolidate the medical knowledge that we gain during our years as medicine students."

BryanMedical Student

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